Invited performances, concerts, film screenings

An important feature in the rehabilitation process of the Arta Cinema consists the involvement of the community, the support of young talents, the embrace of independent artistic initiatives, and the presentation of other art projects that are not necessarily related to the performing arts. In the light of this, several film festivals, film screenings (Ciao Cinema, FilmtettFeszt), concerts (8 Minutes Light) and individual theater performances (Ildikó Lanstyák: From Bed to Table) were organized during the summer and autumn.


Burundanga – 28.06.2020

The year 2020 posed unexpected challenges for the company of the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theater TimiÈ™oara. In the context of the global health crisis, several of its performances originally planned for an indoor rendition were redesigned so that they could be presented outdoors as well. One of these performances include «Burundanga, or the mask, the basque and the stuff», a performance co-produced with the Satu Mare Theater, that was shown on an open-air stage in the garden of the Arta Cinema on the 28th of June.


Press conference – 12.06.2020

Since one of the main goals in renovating the former Arta Cinema is to become over time an outstanding cultural center to the community of Timișoara, the project leaders found it inconceivable not to initiate any form of dialogue with the local community. Therefore the press conference held on the 12th of June, first of all, served to establish this dialogue, during which those interested were able to gain insight into the development of the renovation works and on the other hand, participants were able to take a tour of the building under renovation, with the guidance of the construction manager.

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