Actor’s World Championships is the only event in our region which brings together artists, theatre employees and independents actors from many theatres in different countries, competing in sports or performing for the local audience in the name of Olympic values and reaching the best possible performance. 
Actor’s World Championships are organized yearly together with the Csiky Gergely Hungarian State Theatre with the aim to provide a less formal platform for meetings between theatre professionals in order to spark future collaborations. On the other hand, the participation of employees from all Timisoara theatres (National, German, Hungarian, Merlin, as well as the Opera) gives the community an opportunity to see the artists performing in sports and arts and serves as a good chance to socialize with their favorite artists. 
The participants are competing in: athletics (100 m, 4x100 m, 800m, 3000 m, long jump, weight throw, relay), cycling, football, street ball, volleyball, table tennis, tennis, fencing. 
The date of this event is usually linked to the beginning of a new theatre season, more precisely the beginning of September. AWC gathers around 200 employees from theatres in the DKMT area, joining sports and cultural activities which are free for the local audience. Our partners for the first three editions, held in 2017, 2018, 2019 were: West University, Polytechnic University, Universitatea Politehnica, Fencing Club, Timișoara City Sports Club, Aquatim, Fornetti.

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